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The Poet

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Designed to simulate the sensation of sucking, this air-pulsing clitoral vibrator is controlled by a pressure sensor and three different-sized mouths – so you can match The Poet to your ideal kind of pleasure.


The Poet makes for a special kind of pleasure. Apply a bit of water-based lube, cup the suction mouth around your clitoris and give it a squeeze (so the pressure sensor control kicks into gear). You’ll immediately feel the sensation of sucking. Once you’ve found the sweet spot of intensity, you can lock it with a single click.

The Poet is waterproof and wrapped in super-soft and safe silicone. And with three different-sized mouths and five pre-programmed pulsation modes, there are plenty of ways to customise your experience. So your pleasure zones feel like they’ve been treated to pure poetry.

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Only available online.

Only available online.

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