Rebalance and rejuvenate with a range of massages from those designed for pure relaxation through to our customised massage to suit your specific needs.

Every endota spa therapist has received specialty massage training and is competent and qualified to deliver high quality treatments that are right for you.

Please note that all our treatments include a therapist consultation as part of the appointment time to understand your needs and concerns, providing the most appropriate treatment experience for you.

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  1. Relieve | Improve |Treat


    60 minute massage

    Regain a sense of wellbeing as specific areas of tension in your body are targeted, bringing relief to where your body needs it most.
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  2. Nourish | Nurture | Soothe


    60 minute massage

    Nourish your body and relax the mind with this tension-relieving massage designed specifically for pregnant women in their second or third trimester.
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  3. Release | Restore | Rebalance


    80 minute massage

    This massage incorporates Soothing warm stones and jade facial rollers to help gently release pressure and tension, restoring energy and vitality to your whole being.
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  4. Relieve | Treat | Balance


    60 minute massage

    Restore balance with a relaxing massage treatment designed to soothe muscular tension and release stress in the body.
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  5. Nurture | Nourish | Calm


    60 minute massage

    Feel everyday stresses melt away with our nurturing massage designed to induce full-body relaxation.
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