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Wild Orange & Geranium Hand and Body Duo

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Treat someone special to a gift of revitalising orange zest, refreshing peppermint and balancing geranium, with this duo of body wash and lotion. And if you need some extra calm and clarity in your day? That special someone can be you, too.


This gift doesn’t just bring together two must-haves for your daily routine. It offers plenty of opportunities for an energy lift, a moment of calm and plenty of positivity too. Made up of all-natural ingredients – including Aloe Vera and coconut-based agents – your skin (or someone special’s) will love soaking in these sustainably-sourced, organic essentials.

Both body wash and lotion are made all the more inviting by the uplifting aroma of Wild Orange, geranium and peppermint oils. Mixed together, they offer an energy boost and a moment of calm all at once – for an everyday splash of positivity that’s as good for your skin as it is for your mind.

How to use

the ritual

Take a small amount of the body wash and massage it into wet skin, working up to a luxurious lather. After cleansing, massage a small amount into your skin. Taking in 3 deep breaths to re-energise as the lotion soaks in.

our clean beauty commitment

This Australian-made hand and body duo is naturally clean and organic. Free from over 50 toxins, our nature-inspired formula also comes in planet-friendly packaging made from post-consumer plastics, which is recyclable post-use.