astrology for aries season: what's in store for you

What can you expect for your life during Aries season? We spoke to Melbourne-based astrology expert, Brylie Gorman, to get her take on what's in store for you during this transformative and life-changing season. 
(Please note these horoscope predictions are not to be taken as medical advice.)

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As we enter the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, we welcome 2024's first Eclipse season.  
An intense energy comes when the moon, sun, and earth align to form an Eclipse. Eclipses can bring about important changes in your life that could be sudden and transformative. Anything no longer aligned with your life gets shifted out of your field quickly, which may feel a little unstable and uncertain at first due to the speed of the changes occurring. To support you during this time, having good habits in your lifestyle can help keep you grounded and on track. 
Alas, expect significant changes in your life during this period, especially if this Eclipse season is working with you personally in your Astrology chart (Aries, that's you – keep reading below!).  
So, what changes can we expect during these Eclipses? The pivotal moments vary — people can suddenly decide to get married, divorce, move interstate, change jobs, or start or leave relationships. Just know that everything in Eclipse season is right on time and in your best interest. Do not resist the changes they bring. Use this opportunity to see the magic around you and have your eyes wide open to the possibilities around you. 

The first Eclipse is on 25 March and asks us to look at our relationships with the people around us. The second and most powerful Eclipse of this season is on 9 April. The self (the ego) and our relationships are healing during this time. Nonetheless, ensure you look after yourself as physically, we are shifting through a lot in our bodies with this energetic change in the air.  
Hydrate, eat well, rest as needed and permit yourself to take it easy. Aries represents the head, movement and our bodies in general, so walk it out if you need to move energy gently through your body. 
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This Aries season will likely be the most intense and energising birthday season you have had to date. These Eclipses are personally working with you more than the rest of us, bringing you big bold energy. 
Eclipse season brings change, instability and shifts in our lives. Eclipses are designed to make sure we are following our soul's pathway. This can be felt as empowering and amazing or shocking and uncomfortable. No matter the feeling, trust that this is all working out for you. 
Miracles happen and if you're on your path, you can call in more of what you want. However, if you are not on your soul path and have diverted off into situations, relationships, jobs, health, mindset or spaces that are not for your best self, then expect that something will shift in your life to get you back into alignment. Don't resist this energy when it arrives. Keep yourself open to whatever is presented to you. You are a born warrior and can turn any situation into a positive for yourself. 

You are also doing plenty of healing right now, which can take considerable energy, so be gentle with yourself. With Chiron in your sign, you are healing your sense of self and stepping into a new level of heart-based power. These eclipses might propel you to take new soul-led actions; if so, follow them. You are learning to listen to your heart and take actions that light you up.

Another key detail to note during your birthday month is to examine the relationships around you. Understand where you belong within them. Ensure the people you align yourself with most support your newly healed energy. Who do you want on your team as you step more into your brilliance?

Aries, remember that you are the warrior. You are capable, confident, a natural-born leader, and fun and engaging. So, who should be around you with all that brilliant energy? Set yourself some affirmations about how awesome you are for this birthday month, embrace self-love and just let go and enjoy the ride ahead! 

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