2024 horoscopes: your astrology predictions for the year

A new year comes fresh opportunities and a clean slate. The start of 2024 should be about prioritising you. If you’re wondering what’s on the horizon for your horoscope, endota has you covered. We spoke to Melbourne-based astrology expert, Brylie Gorman, to get her take on what’s in store for us in 2024. 

(Please note these horoscope predictions are not to be taken as medical advice.) 



2024 astrology at a glance 

Big energy is coming through in 2024. Pluto moves into Aquarius on January 21 and will stay in that sign for the next 20 years. So what will Pluto in Aquarius bring us? With its phoenix-like energy, it propels us to rise from the ashes by first burning down what no longer serves us.  
Opportunity for changes in fate will arise. Relationships will alter and our sense of self will strengthen. Things previously unseen will be uncovered and affect how we see the world. Now is the perfect time to ask yourself: where do I belong? Is it time to follow another dream? How can I prioritise myself and my time? 
Setting strong intentions will help move our individual stories forward. Set your goals early and believe in them no matter how big or outrageous they seem – even if others think they are slightly crazy. Doing so will reveal opportunities despite some chaos, so shoot for the stars in 2024! 


aries: horoscope, dates & personality traits

march 21 - april 19

Aries, you're the one to watch. This year will push you entirely into a new zone involving more growth, emotional healing and self-reflection than ever before. 
2024 will aid in healing any wounds holding you back from stepping into your true self and shining fully. New opportunities that unlock profound growth and align with your future purpose are coming. But it may not come easy, so give yourself care and understanding as you step into your new way of being. 
Your birthday season is very active with Mercury Retrograde and multiple planets in your sign. The big energy to look out for is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on 9 April. Mark this date in your calendar – it heralds significant new beginnings, relationship changes and new ways of seeing the world.  
It's also self-care with a capital S for you! Focus on regulating your nervous system, breathe deeply and move your body. Explore somatic healing, emotional freedom tapping, kinesiology or other modalities that work with your body and emotions. 


taurus: horoscope, dates & personality traits

april 20 - may 20

Taurus, what a few years you have had. While you love stability, 2024 asks you to surrender to the instability and be sporadically expansive.  
You'll be doing, saying and experiencing things entirely outside your comfort zone in the name of expansion and personal growth. April and May will be your most significant months of change. Welcome this pivotal period with open arms and remain optimistic.  
Meanwhile, July will feel less optimistic, so be mindful of rushing into things. Instead, choose sustainable actions over quick fixes. By September, you will have figured out what needs to go that no longer belongs in your new expanded world. Go with the flow in 2024. 
As a star sign that loves reliability, use your regular grounding techniques to stay focused and connected to the earth. Stay balanced – get your bare feet on the ground, walk amongst nature and support your nervous system through practising meditation or yoga


gemini: horoscope, dates & personality traits

may 21 - june 20

You're in luck Gemini, because Jupiter moves into your sign in late May 2024 and stays until the end of the year. Jupiter is the planet of fortune, optimism, growth and expansion. This year Jupiter comes with Venus, bringing beautiful energy to expand your self-worth, self-value and potentially cash! 
Be intentional about manifesting abundance in all areas of your life during this lucky time. There is a New Moon energy on 6 June, solidifying a new level of openness to your heart's needs and desires. Go with your gut – surrender and flow with what is presented to you. The most activating month for you is August. This is the best time to act on whatever was presented in June. 
Although, take note that your mind may take a backseat this year. Fret not because you don't need to have it all mentally figured out immediately. Trust in your senses, your body, the nudges and the opportunities that come your way. Let your nervous system ease into the year ahead.  
For self-care, focus on pleasure, joy, and what makes you feel the beauty surrounding you. Get that massage you've been craving, explore somewhere new and do things to feel good.


cancer: horoscope, dates & personality traits

june 21 - july 22

2024 is about your personal energy and environment. Ask yourself: how are you listening to your heart, thoughts and emotions in your space? What do you need to do to have more self-nurture in your life? 
Now is the perfect time to fine-tune what's working well. Mercury and Venus in your sign during June will allow you to reflect on your thoughts and ensure they are self-loving and supportive of you. 6 July will see the New Moon bringing nourishing energy that nurtures your surroundings. Set intentions at this time for the rest of the year from a well-nourished and calm place. 
The action will start to pick up for you in September. Anything you need to release will become apparent and you'll know exactly how to proceed positively. Trust your intuition and bask in the fact that your body, mind and soul are all aligned to support you moving forward. 
Finally, don't prescribe to the societal pressures of always being on. Trust when you want to act and when you want to sit back. Nurture yourself, book that treatment series you've been eyeing, get creative and welcome the energy of 2024.


leo: horoscope, dates & personality traits

july 23 - august 22

2023 was a big year in reshaping your relationship with yourself and others. The long Venus retrograde in your sign increased your level of self-love. 
2024 will solidify and strengthen those ‘Aha’ moments you had last year. Venus will revisit in July, shortly followed by Mercury in retrograde. A retrograde is an opportunity to reflect and reconsider, ensuring your next steps forward allow you to shine even brighter. Use this time wisely as receiving multiple periods of reflection is rare. 
Something magical will also happen in early August and September. You'll be prompted to think differently and open your heart even more to allow something new. Act on what comes up for you. But note that you might revisit those actions to refine them when Mars retrogrades through Leo in December. 
Leos are bold and forward focused. Yet for much of this year, you'll be looking back and consolidating – the opposite of what you naturally want to do. Give yourself what you need to recover and feel extra loved through any discomforts. Keep the energy flowing through regular wellness practices and exercise, whether yoga, journaling or staying inspired in your own wellness space.


virgo: horoscope, dates & personality traits

august 23 - september 22

You've always been hyperaware of things other people don't notice. While this characteristic makes you a natural problem solver who cares deeply for others, sometimes, it propels you to overthink the small stuff. 
In early 2024, this combination of hyperawareness with Black Moon Lilith moving through your sign can result in increased daily fears and worries. Double-check that what you are afraid of can happen, as it is most likely an overactive mindset. 
Like Leos, August will ask you to open up to the world and experience new things you never thought possible. Trust and surrender into this chapter – it's for your benefit and will bring more peace into your heart. In September, you'll be asked to balance responsibilities to your inner sanctuary with your outer reality. You will master your inner world through being self-compassionate and forgiving of the past. 
Mind and body connection are your dynamic duos to getting through this year. Focus on calming the vagus nerve via deep breathing, pranayama, Yin Yoga, or Yoga Nidra. Make time to nurture your good habits for holistic wellbeing.


libra: horoscope, dates & personality traits

september 23 - october 22

2024 is your year to stop people-pleasing, once and for all. With the South Node and the Eclipses working with your sign, you'll be releasing your old ways of relating to others. 
You are now discovering your strengths in your relationships. You will learn how to connect better with others while standing firm in your sense of self. Fears about whether you are doing the right thing may emerge during July. But it’s False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR), trying to keep you in the same patterns. Remember that this is the year to let go and create a greater balance within yourself. 
The Eclipses at the end of March and early October can feel destabilising for you too, so finding peace in your inner world will be even more critical this year. Try something that combines your love of beauty with relaxing your body, such as a recovery bath.  You may also be attracted to abhyanga (an Ayurveda self-massage) using beautiful empowering essential oils.


scorpio: horoscope, dates & personality traits

october 23 - november 21

2024 beckons a quieter year for Scorpio. After major eclipses shook your foundations in 2023, you deserve the break.  
The new year gives you a blank canvas to paint whatever story you choose to live out. Take this time to reflect, consolidate your learnings from last year and lean into the easefulness that’s finally present.  
You might wonder where your place is now after last year's shake-up. Trust it will become apparent to you in divine time. A powerful New Moon will support that uncovering on 1 November, where you'll be asked to trust your amazing intuition and take action based on the small nudges that move you forward. Don’t ignore these signs.   
Take this quieter year to nourish your health, especially since you've been working through so much energy previously. Use the early months of 2024 to ensure you're allowing the energy to move, motivate and not stagnate in your body. Consider detoxes, cleanses and light therapy to renew and remove excess energy (work with trained professionals and your general practitioner to ensure these suit you). Somatic healing approaches, kinesiology, or any other modalities that support you in moving emotions through your body are especially ideal. 


sagittarius: horoscope, dates & personality traits

november 22 - december 21

2024 will start slower than usual, with Mercury having moved out of retrograde. When this happens, Mercury takes a few weeks to get out of the shadows and up to your regular speed. And with Mars in your sign simultaneously, you might feel pressured to get moving. But take some time to set solid plans for 2024 before taking action.  
Expect a wave of deep insights to emerge early in the year, especially regarding where you're headed long term. Then keep working towards that plan for the rest of the year. It might sound tedious, but your adventurous nature will still bring diversity and fun into your day-to-day plans. Perhaps start with some deep thought as you sit with a face mask on? 
Take advantage of the New Moon in your sign on 1 December. In the leadup to this date, set your intentions by taking actions that align with your heart and where you want to go. While you're known to change your mind often, follow your sparks of curiosity throughout the year – you never know what growth it'll provide for you. Self-love through micro rituals will help you settle into this new reality and reflect on your wellbeing.


capricorn: horoscope, dates & personality traits

december 22 - january 19

Pop the confetti because 2024 will be a fantastic year for you. After having Pluto extensively in your sign, it's finally moving out on 21 January.  
What does this mean? Everything will feel lighter and easier. Despite tough times starting in 2020, you have been majorly transforming since. Now you can exhale, pat yourself on the back, and reap the rewards you've sown because you've made it. 
You've settled into your new way of being in the world early, so it makes sense that success is imminent for Capricorns this year. You have a head start of what it's like to live in your heart and move away from seeking power for power’s sake. 
With all the personal planets together in your sign at the start of 2024, you will be restructuring your everyday life – upgrading your relationship with yourself and others for the better, all while implementing new systems that support you in what you do best: leading!   
It’s your time to shine, so ensure your mind, body, spirit and skin support that. Meditation is an excellent starting point – consider walking meditations through nature or start a guided practice you can commit to. 


aquarius: horoscope, dates & personality traits

january 20 - february 18

Early 2024 has a grand event in store for Aquarius, especially as Pluto moves into your sign, closely followed by the personal planets. You're about to receive the biggest transformation of your life and your mind, body and heart are all being asked to get on board. 
Aquarians are known for their genius energy and intelligence to see different perspectives that others normally wouldn't. The rest of the world and the environment around you will begin to align with your unique way of thinking as Pluto moves into your sign. 
Use early 2024 to put your ideas out into the world, no matter how wild they may be. Regularly reflect to make sure you have the drive to action it, then do an ecological check: if it is good for you, others, and the world around you, then it’s good to go. 
With Pluto in your orbit, you might discover previously unseen unconscious patterns, so be gentle with yourself in 2024 as you commence this transformative year. Sound healing and vibrational healing methods like reiki can help you release any unconscious energy coming to light this year.


pisces: horoscope, dates & personality traits

february 19 - march 20

The keyword for you this year is ‘mastery’. You'll receive some tough (but helpful) love as Saturn continues to move through. You'll work diligently to clear out any karmic patterns of behaviour and take responsibility for where you are at. 
But it won't all be hard. Your planetary ruler, Neptune, will be in high degrees for Pisces. Neptune helps you be compassionate, kind and provide unconditional love. These traits come naturally to you, so remember to utilise them for yourself this year. Mastering yourself takes time, surrender, patience, plus a willingness to learn – keep this in mind as you traverse through 2024. 
A full moon Lunar Eclipse will appear for you on 18 September. This means you'll be surrounded by incredible magical energy you can personally tap into. Eclipses can also be destabilising but you're used to riding life's unexpected challenges.   
Take extra responsibility for your self-care. Give yourself options like facial treatments, massages or building an evening skincare ritual. Do things that keep you feeling connected and grounded in your being. 

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