10 easy ways to host a Christmas that’s lighter on the Earth

How to reduce your environmental impact this festive season

At endota, sustainability is a guiding principle in everything we do and now, more than ever, it’s important to be conscious of the decisions we’re making and the impact they have on the planet.

So, we’ve compiled 10 easy tips for a greener Christmas, from simple swaps to feel-good traditions that will serve you and your family for years to come. We hope these ideas will help you celebrate the holidays in a more mindful way and enjoy this special (and long-awaited) time with your loved ones.

1. Get creative with wrapping

Instead of traditional wrapping, try using fabric scraps (think: old scarves and tea towels) or reusable muslin. If you’ve got young kids, you could even repurpose some of their artwork from throughout the year (paintings on butcher’s paper work especially well) to make for heartfelt wrapping that the grandparents will love.

2. Try your hand at craft

On that note, DIY decorations, cards and gift tags are not only a more sustainable option but a lovely mindful activity for the holiday.

3. Change up your Christmas tree

Did you know that when cared for, you can actually replant your Christmas tree to give it another life? If you are considering buying a living tree, we suggest keeping it potted so that you can replant after the holiday season. Alternatively, gum branches or a small palm leaves make for a uniquely Australian tree that won’t contribute to landfill.

4. Gift thoughtfully

Just like the Clean by endota range, the endota Organics skincare range is made locally in Australia from recycled and recyclable packaging, where possible. And really, who doesn’t love receiving skincare at Christmas?

5. Or gift an experience instead

Another beautiful option is to give an experience rather than a physical present (and helps reduce the Christmas day clutter, too). After a challenging year and multiple lockdowns, a blissful endota facial or massage is sure to be well-received.

6. Virtual wellness

Not only are e-gift cards an easy and appealing present option, they come with virtually no carbon footprint (no shipping, packaging or distribution required). Email an endota spa virtual gift card to your nearest and dearest this holiday period — thoughtful, sustainable and easy! Plus, having it stored in their inbox means it can’t be lost. Bonus points!

7. Spread cheer by giving back

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of Christmas, but it’s equally important to give back and pay it forward to those in need. So in lieu of a gift, why not donate some money to a charitable cause? You could organise a family beach clean, clean out your wardrobe and donate things to an op shop, or volunteer for a charity. These are all family activities that kids can take part in, and make for feel-good holiday traditions for years to come.

8. Host a gift swap or Kris Kringle

Stuck with gifts that aren’t quite right for you, or overwhelmed by the sheer number of people on the ‘to buy for’ list? A month out from the big day, chat with friends and family about the idea of a gift swap or Kris Kringle. It could mean trading unused items, or simply purchasing one gift each instead of panic buying for the entire family. Not only does it take away some of the stress, but also means buying less (which is always a plus for the planet).

9. Consider lighting

When decking the halls, look for lighting options with a lower energy output. LED lights are a great option for the tree, and we can’t go past a few candles in the home for a festive, warm ambience. Choose soy wax for a cleaner burn and repurpose the vessel once the candle is finished (they make for a great place to store makeup brushes).

10. Evaluate food waste

Cutting back on excess food is a simple way to prevent waste and reduce the environmental impact of all that festive lunching. Be sure to freeze leftovers, opt for seasonal produce where possible, and plan out menus for the days that follow to utilise everything in the fridge. For any leftover lamb and roast vegies, may we suggest putting them to use in our Moroccan Lamb Salad recipe on endota Retreat?

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