Christmas gifting with Jackie Green: meet the maker behind the packaging of this year’s endota gifting range

At endota we have a strong commitment to empower and support emerging, Australian artists. We do this each Christmas by celebrating the work of an artist who we feel aligns with our brand, values and seasonal messaging, with the works of Jenna Paige, Marnin Studio’s Deborah Yadda and Antoinette Ferwerdain being among the artists we have previously collaborated with.


So, with the season of gifting upon us, this year we have collaborated with local Mornington Peninsula artist, Jackie Green who has adorned our Christmas gifting range with three of her vibrant artworks, evoking feelings of warmth and sharing messages of uplifting positivity.


Read on to meet Jackie Green, discover the inspiration behind her artwork and find out what the season means to her.

Tell us about the three artworks that feature on our Christmas gifting; Go Your Own Way, U Got This — Series and U Got This — Our Path.

My art is all about love, hope and positive vibes, which is why I choose to use symbols like hearts, flowers, hugs and kisses to spread joy and human connection. I use words sometimes, these are either hidden by the paint layers or are quite bold depending on the artwork. I like to mix it up.

Go Your Own Way

Inspired by epic road trips where the journey becomes the destination, Go Your Own Way is all about tuning in, dropping out and taking it easy as you drive towards your chosen destiny — a few intersections, twists and turns to navigate along the way.

U Got This — Series

Inspired by faith, hope and love, the U Got This — Series features painted projections of positivity reminding people to always back themselves and remain happy, even when the chips are down. It also celebrates the kaleidoscope of colour Melbournians embraced in their fashion and art post COVID lockdowns when the freedom of personal creativity was released en masse.

U Got This — Our Path

Inspired by the colourful journeys we all take in life, U Got This — Our Path is a universal walk through the coastal landscape flora where white flowers and flowing spinifex emit a natural beauty we recognise in the moment and intuitively connect with — the setting sun and soft dune grasses punctuating the warm ocean vista.   

What has this collaboration been like for you?

I’m so honoured to be chosen as your seasonal artist this year and seeing my artwork on your amazing products is such a pinch myself moment! endota and my art share so many common intentions that support wellness, positivity, care, nature and the significance of the Indigenous word ‘endota’, meaning ‘beautiful’. Looking at the packaging I love how the pink looks with the sage green and touches of gold, it’s so beautifully done, while the pops of colour are really lovely and uplifting.

How did you discover your love for art and painting?

I always loved drawing as a child. I used to doodle over everything and it drove my parents crazy! Back in the day you had an address book by the phone and I would doodle all over it while I was on the phone. I always enjoyed art and design in school and people used to ask me to make cards for people. I loved the feeling it gave others, when people say that my artwork makes them feel happy. You could say I was born with a brush in hand — I just loved it.

I moved around a lot; Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and back to Melbourne again. I think having such a diverse childhood and living in so many states meant my art was changeable. I studied sign writing, art and photography and worked as a sign writer for a long time before starting to paint professionally. 

Where does your artistic inspiration come from?

I am influenced by my background, travel and surroundings. I’m constantly inspired by the raw energy and natural beauty the captivating coastline of the Mornington Peninsula offers. It’s an organic muse for creativity and healing. My summer road trip I take each year also inspires a lot of my artwork.

What does the season mean to you?

It’s all about the energy in the air. People out shopping, stores decorating their shop windows, seeing how people decorate their tree and table on Christmas Day. I love the smell of turkey and ham cooking, and then having leftovers; playing bad Santa with my family and watching silly Christmas movies with my kids. I also enjoy winding down and relaxing. I feel truly happy during this time.   

What is on your Christmas wish list from endota this year?

I think the Car Diffuser is so unique and has my favourite smell of all time, your Signature Blend Essential Oil. That has to be up there as my pick! How wonderful to be driving smelling that scent. I actually used to apply a few drops of the Signature Blend Essential Oil to my car mats, so this is perfect for me. The 12 Days of endota is next level amazing, it’s just so beautiful.

It has been a wonderful process seeing Jackie’s artwork on our Christmas gifting range and watching her designs come to life. Shop the limited-edition collection in spa or online now. 

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