Want to boost your collagen production? This ingredient can help

When it comes to anti-ageing ingredients, it’s tricky to navigate through all the trends, buzz words, and internet hype. How do we know what works, and what’s just a gimmick?

The answer really lies in proven ingredients – those that are known to have a tangible change on the skin. At endota, we’re big fans of things like vitamin C, retinol and nourishing botanical extracts. But there’s one lesser-known active that’s definitely worth talking about in the context of anti-ageing: peptides.

Peptides are composed of amino acids (the building blocks that make up proteins) and can have many different positive effects when used topically. We love them because they speak the same language as our skin, and thus work synergistically when it comes to helping it function at its best.

Peptides are also important when it comes to maintaining firmness and bounce, which is why we include them in so many of our product ranges.

So how exactly do they work?

endota skin expert and education coordinator Kimberley Conboy tells us that peptides are small fragments or ‘pieces’ of protein molecules that act as chemical messengers in the skin: “We often refer to them as signal peptides because they tell cells what to do, and for the skin this is signalling fibroblasts to make collagen.”

Collagen is the support system that gives our skin its bounce, although as we age it gradually decreases, leading to sagging, drooping and lines. But according to Kimberley, peptides work to turn the collagen production process back on, leading to long-term results like increased firmness, smoothness and resilience.

Kimberley adds that peptides can also work to fight glycation – which occurs when sugar molecules degrade collagen and elastin – as well as melanogenesis, or the process that leads to pigmentation, age spots and uneven skin tone.

So, in a nutshell, peptides support healthy, youthful skin functions and are a great addition to your routine if you’d like to slow down signs of ageing.

How to use peptides

The good news about peptides for skin is they suit all complexion types and pair nicely with other ingredients, so they’re easy to work into your routine.

Kimberley’s standout product suggestion is the endota Peptide Firming Moisturiser, a deeply hydrating lotion that can be used both day and night. It contains hexapeptides to lift facial contours, and an ingredient called brightenyl to inhibit premature ageing caused by sun damage. There’s also sodium hyaluronate to fight dehydration for a plump, soft complexion.

A peptide-rich targeted treatment like the Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Acid Serum is another great addition. This one contains neodermyl (sometimes called ‘needle-free’ collagen and elastin filler) to reactivate collagen and elastin synthesis in a fast but sustainable way, therefore assisting in the reduction of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

For the delicate skin around the eye, Kimberley recommends the Triple Defence Eye Cream. Rich in a peptide called Snap 8, it gently relaxes muscle contractions, softening the look of fine lines.

Finally, for a quick fix (and instant luminosity), the Power Serum Sheet Mask is rich in a hexapeptide called Juveleven to protect from DNA damage and enhance cellular longevity. It’s also packed with hydrators for serious glow.

What other ingredients should be on my radar?

So now that we’ve got peptides for skin down pat, let’s look at a few other key, gimmick-free and proven ingredients to further support a healthy-looking, youthful complexion:


Retinol is a form of vitamin A that’s proven to stimulate cellular renewal. It works to improve a range of skin concerns, from acne to wrinkles. It’s best used in the evening, and be sure to always follow up with sunscreen during the day.

Try the Age Defying Retinol Serum

Vitamin C:

This antioxidant protects against free radicals that can accelerate ageing, and evens out skin tone for a beautiful glow.

Try the Super C Firming Serum


Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is a versatile ingredient that works to soothe, calm and refine the skin. It pairs nicely with retinol as a part of your night-time routine.

Try the Potent Brightening Serum


AHAs – short for alpha hydroxy acids – are known for their unique ability to exfoliate the skin. They’re water-soluble and will slough off dead surface cells, revealing a brighter, smoother complexion underneath. With time, AHAs can diffuse the look of age spots and rough skin.

Try the Glycolic Exfoliating Cleanser

Hyaluronic Acid:

While not directly anti-ageing, hyaluronic acid attracts water into the skin, lessening the signs of dehydration including fine lines and dullness. Pat it onto a damp face for instant plumpness.

Try the Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum


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