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Clove & Mint Recovery Balm

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With one sold every 30 minutes in Australia, our Clove & Mint recovery balm has reached cult-like status. If you’re in need of a naturally-uplifting recovery remedy, you’ve found it.


All across the country, endota Clove & Mint Recovery Balm helps active bodies to recover – and active minds to feel their best. Massage into tight spots and worked muscles as the fragrant blend of essential oils uplifts your senses, to help you feel as good after a workout as you do during exercise.

It’s a unique combination of peppermint, cajuput and camphor that gives the balm its invigorating fragrance – offering a treat for all of the senses when incorporated into a massage. Make it an essential for your gym bag and see just how much more rewarding a post-workout recovery can be.

How to use
Key Ingredients
Clove bud oil
Clove bud oil

This powerful ingredient with it's uplifting aroma heats the surface of the skin.


Refreshes the skin as it cools and invigorates your senses.


Deep cleansing peppermint oil cools the skin and its refreshing fragrance enlivens the spirit.

the ritual

Massage a thin layer into areas where you’re feeling tension, until it’s been absorbed completely. Be careful to avoid your face, eyes, abrasions, cuts & sensitive areas. For external use only.

where it fits

When feeling tension in the body, use 2 to 3 times a day.