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Omnilux Clear LED Mask

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Look at your skin in a whole new light with the power combination of blue wavelength (415nm) and red wavelength (633nm). These wavelengths combine to deliver visibly smoother, clearer skin with Omnilux Medical™ light therapy technology. The Omnilux Clear LED Face Mask is designed to diminish the appearance of acne, blemishes and redness left from acne scarring, so you can restore your smoothest, most even-toned complexion.


Reduce the appearance and feeling of uneven, blemish and acne prone or scarred skin with this next generation technology. Suitable for mild to moderate acne, Omnilux Clear LED Face Mask is FDA-cleared for home use, making it a convenient, take-the-spa home option for clarifying your complexion. 

Gentle on skin with no downtime necessary, the device emits medical-grade LED light therapy that helps calm skin redness, lighten pigmentation and clear breakouts. Blue wavelength (415nm) neutralises bacteria found in the skin that is known for flaring up acne, while red wavelength (633nm) significantly reduces active acne breakouts. It also conforms to you, making it a comfortable, flexible treatment. Clinical results indicate a 70% clearance of acne after 4 weeks of twice weekly Omnilux-only use. So you can feel your best in your own skin. 

It is designed as an at-home maintenance device, providing benefits that complement our in-spa LED Light Therapy treatments between your appointments.

Contents include Omnilux Clear LED Face Mask, charger and controller. All omnilux devices have a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. The controller has a 1 year warranty. Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept exchanges or returns on opened Omnilux LED masks. Please choose carefully before ordering. Click here for our Omnilux LED warranty and returns policy.

How to use

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Secure LED mask using attached straps. Use the LED mask initially four times per week for 6 weeks, then as needed at the first sign of a breakout. LED light will activate for 10 minutes per session.