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Sleep Sound roll-on

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Show your body and mind how much they’ve earned a good night’s sleep. This roll-on contains 100% pure essential oils, formulated to help you drift off more easily and wake up more refreshed.



While we’re still discovering just how essential sleep is to our overall health and wellbeing, one thing’s for certain – a good night’s sleep works wonders. If you’re struggling to switch off – or you’re just looking to feel more rested – this blend of 100% essential oils comes ready to roll-on and help you rest.

It contains a carefully-considered formulation of soothing chamomile, calming lavender and sleep-inducing valerian. Making for the perfect blend to breathe in and soak up before tuning off for the day and drifting into a peaceful night’s sleep.

How to use
Key Ingredients
Petitgrain Oil
Petitgrain Oil

The sedative properties of this essential oil help induce a better, more relaxed sleep.


Reduce wakefulness and increase amounts of non-REM sleep with the earthy aromas of sandalwood.

the ritual

Gently roll a small amount of oil onto your wrists, temples, the back of your neck, soles of your feet and/or palms of your hands and breathe deeply.

Where it Fits

As one of the last steps in your pre-bedtime ritual. Roll-on, relax and begin your rest.