from student to therapist: how Erica kickstarted her career in wellness

Deciding your career path can often be a challenging choice to make. That’s why we created endota Wellness College (eWC) – a registered training organisation offering nationally recognised training in Beauty Therapy, Remedial Massage and Salon Management. 
Since its inception, our students have gone on to flourishing careers at endota. If you’re wondering what studying at eWC is like, we spent a few minutes with Erica Garefallou, who is now an accredited endota therapist at Northland. She shares why she studied with endota Wellness College and highlights what life was like as a student there.

  • What did you study at eWC and what did an average week look like learning at eWC for you?
    I studiedDiploma of Beauty Therapy. My week consisted of about 4-5 treatments a week. Each day, we would have a specific subject. For example, Mondays would be massages, Tuesdays we did facials, Wednesdays waxing, and Thursdays were treatments.

  • What were some highlights or your favourite aspects of eWC?
    My favourite would be performing treatments. endota Wellness College was a nice learning environment, and I enjoyed it.

  • How did studying at eWC prepare you for a job before and after graduating? 
    I loved that endota Wellness College was very spa-like, the vibe was so nice. It looked like a vast spa and prepared me to get ready to be in a spa environment. I also liked that we had clients coming in who we didn’t know of because it prepared us for the real world.

  • What was the transition like from studying at eWC to working in a spa?
    It was easy for me; endota Wellness College prepared us to be ready to consult clients, be comfortable talking to clients, and do treatments immediately.

  • How does performing treatments at eWC differ from performing treatments in spa?
    It was pretty much the same – the only change is that the rooms at spas are much smaller.

  • What would you say to someone considering a career within the wellness industry and who is thinking of studying with eWC?
    To go for it! It’s so worth it. The environment, the teachers and all the people there make it fun to be around and learn. 

  • Anything else you’d like to add?
    I recently attended the endota recognition awards night and loved it. Seeing all the beauty therapists from various endota spas was empowering and enjoyable to be around.

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