a day in the life of a beauty therapist at endota

Interested in a career in the beauty and wellness industry? Recent endota Wellness College graduate Zoe King shares what it’s like to work as a beauty therapist and what her usual day at endota spa Yarra Valley looks like.


My day starts off by waking up around 7:00am. This way I can give myself enough time in the morning to get ready for work, eat breakfast and make my way over to the spa. 

I always start my morning off with my skincare routine, this is my self-care time of the morning and it starts my day off with a fresh start. My morning skincare routine is pretty simple, starting with my Purifying Cleansing Gel to cleanse my skin from any congestion that’s built up overnight. This is followed by a hyaluronic serum (such as Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum) and the Advanced Hydration Cream to help my skin stay hydrated throughout the day. Before starting my makeup I finish with my SPF50+ sunscreen.


Once I arrive at the spa, I like to give myself enough time to set up my day of treatments and feel prepared for the day to come. Set up is different for every treatment and some involve a little more preparation than others. After I’ve set up my treatment room I like to take a moment to myself to set my intentions for the day with a quick meditation. I feel this helps me clear my mind to start fresh every morning and feel balanced for my day ahead.


I take my first client through at 10am and my day of treating clients starts. Each day consists of various treatments, meaning no day is ever the same! This morning my treatments include an Organic Relax massage (one of our most loved treatments) and the Intense New Age facial, which includes a clinical skin peel, hydro-microdermabrasion, LED light therapy and a mask with endota skincare.


It’s time for lunch, which gives me some time in the middle of the day to relax and hang out with my work friends. I’m super lucky to be able to work so closely with people that I get along with so well. Spending my lunch break having a chat always brightens my day.


I start taking through and treating my last clients for the day. One of my last treatments is the Rejuvenate spa package, which is my personal favourite! It’s such a calming treatment to perform and I love how smooth the skin feels once the Coffee and Coconut Resurfacing Polish has been removed and the Vanilla and Macadamia Body Drink is being applied. It’s always so rewarding being able to help clients relax and feel their best during a treatment.


It’s time to close the spa for the day and clean all the treatment rooms and areas of the spa, getting it ready for the following day. If we know our next morning involves more set up, we will often prep the room the night before. This involves setting up the extra towels and bedding in the room, making sure the products are stocked and the shower is ready to go if there’s a spa package booked in for the next morning.


Once I’m home I like to get into my comfy clothes and start unwinding. After eating my dinner and having a shower I start my nighttime skincare routine by taking off any makeup I had on that day with the Deep Cleansing Cream. I find it’s nice and gentle on the skin to get all my makeup and SPF off from the day. For my nightly cleanse I like to use AHA Cleansing Gel and Micro Polishing Powder, which helps resurface my skin and clear any congestion that’s built up over the day. I finish with a vitamin C serum and the Advanced Hydration Cream

Once I’m done with my nighttime skin routine I like to sit in bed and unwind. I find this time is helpful to relax from my day, before getting some sleep to be ready for the new day to come.

You too could start a rewarding career with Australia’s leading wellness brand as a beauty therapist or in another role at endota. Learn more about working in spa and our current opportunities here