Maintaining that post-facial glow at home
Maintaining that post-facial glow at home

June 2020

Keep your skin on track after a facial and maintain your skin health with these four simple skincare tricks to do at home.

Nothing beats a facial in-spa with your favourite therapist. Being nurtured and cared for while your skin is rejuvenated with professional spa products is hard to compare to, but between facials you can maintain your skin health in the comfort of your own bathroom with professional grade products.
As we start to return to our regular appointments with our favourite therapists to get our skin back on track, it is important to maintain our skin health between trips to the spa. Keep your skin looking plump and youthful in the comfort of your own bathroom with these four quick tricks. With the correct products, formulated to professional standards, you can help to maintain that post-facial glow in the comfort of your own bathroom – all you need is a few smart buys and 30 minutes, once a week.

Tip #1: Upgrade your cleanser

Forget foamy face wash: the new breed of cleanser does so much more than simply removing grime. Think of this simple step as the foundation of your skincare regimen. Choose a formula to suit your skin type (a soothing blend, such as Sensitive Cleansing Milk, can address sensitivity, while a gentle gel like Pore Purifying Cleansing Gel will treat oiliness) with active ingredients that will ensure you’re treating your complexion as you wash. Always ensure you double cleanse. The first pass will remove any make-up, surface impurities, pollution and excess oil. The second will allow those actives to get to work and will leave a fresh canvas prepped and ready for your next skincare steps. For an intense yet soothing start to a replenishing skincare routine, we love the Deep Cleansing Cream, which gets to work on both dryness and impurities without causing dehydration.

Tip #2: Copy the pros

Some people love the tingly softness and plumpness that an in-spa peel can deliver, while others name that relaxing, glow-boosting facial massage as their favourite part of a professional treatment. Boost your DIY game by recreating both by yourself in between visits to your favourite therapist. Our New Age Two Step Micro Polish and Peel combines the benefits of a microdermabrasion and a peel – and it’s fun and easy to use, thanks to heat activated polishing crystals, smoothing lactic acid and plumping peptides. Follow up with an invigorating massage using our Organics Multi Vitamin Treatment Oil – the very same one used in your favourite endota in-spa experience that will give you that post-facial glow. Smooth a few drops over your damp face using firm yet gentle upward strokes to encourage healthy blood flow to the skin’s surface – aim for a five minute massage to really amp up that radiance.

Tip #3: Mask more

Struggle to find a treatment mask that addresses all your complexion concerns? Try two. Double masking is a smart way to upgrade your skincare ritual (and invites a few more minutes of relaxation time – bonus!). Start with a purifying or deep cleansing option, such as the Clarifying Detox Mask, which uses brightening clays to purify and tighten pores. Rinse, then double down with a sheet mask that will infuse skin with hydrating, firming ingredients like our Power Serum Sheet Mask. Then lay back for fifteen while it goes to work before applying your regular serum and moisturiser.

Tip #4: Boost bliss

There’s nothing like that soothing, cocoon-like sensation of stepping into your favourite day spa. By capturing a little of that magic in between visits, you’ll get even more out of your DIY treatments. Pop an Essential Oil Diffuser into your bathroom and top it up with a few drops of our Signature Blend Essential Oil before you begin your treatment or hop into your bath. This balanced, calming scent is the same blend that infuses all our treatment rooms and will transform your space with a similar sense of calm. You’re welcome!