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Intimate Wellbeing Duo

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The ideal pair for bringing some all-natural self-care to down there. Featuring our COSMOS certified organic Intimate Wash and COSMOS certified natural Intimate Moisturising Gel, this gentle duo have been carefully-formulated to leave you feeling fresh, revitalised and in balance.


The vaginal region comes with its own uniquely-delicate balance. That requires a special kind of skincare – the sort that can maintain the ideal pH levels, while ensuring you stay feeling fresh, revitalised and free from dryness.

Our Intimate Wellbeing Duo is the ideal two-step self-care combination for the wellbeing of your intimate area. Made from all-natural, COSMOS-certified ingredients, both products have been specifically-formulated to promote the overall health and wellness of your intimate area. The organics Intimate Wash offers a refreshing clean that helps to maintain your vulva’s pH balance, while the Intimate Moisturising Gel uses some of nature’s most gently-hydrating ingredients to restore moisture to your vaginal region.

Together, they’re an organic dynamic duo designed for care at its most intimate and enriching.

The Intimate Wellbeing Duo comes packaged to you in a canvas endota toiletry bag, for a convenient and stylish way to keep your partners in intimate care stored safely.

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Both our Intimate Wash and Moisturising Gel have been clinically-crafted for your intimate wellbeing. If you do find yourself experiencing any symptoms of irritation or discomfort, however, you should speak with a medical professional.