Small self-care rituals that will transform your day

elf-care has become more common in recent years (it even has its own globally recognised day, with International Self-Care Day falling on 24 July). We're all told to practice self-care as a means to counteract high stress levels or a busy schedule – think a warm bath, a skincare routine or a restorative massage.

But we believe that self-care should be more than just a rare occurrence or a way to undo damage. Instead, it can be simple, uncomplicated daily rituals that help us to recentre and rebalance, whether that’s a short mindfulness exercise, a brisk walk or simply taking the time to enjoy a nourishing meal with family or friends.

If you’re guilty of burning the candle at both ends, consider this the perfect opportunity to switch your mindset. You’ll find a few easy, uncomplicated self-care rituals to elevate every day below.

Celebrate Self Care Day with endota

A moment of mindfulness

One of the easiest – and most important – things you can do to show yourself some love is to practice a short mindfulness activity. Whether it’s a sound healing session, meditation, or gratitude practice, quieting the mind and focusing on breathwork will help you to feel calm and grounded.

Find a practice that works for you on endota Retreat.

You may want to take this time to incorporate your mindfulness activity into a ritual, complete with skincare and soothing aromatherapy to leave you feeling nourished from within.

Small but transformational skincare rituals

Skincare doesn’t have to be elaborate or extensive for it to qualify as self-care. Focus on really enjoying the steps that already exist within your routine, whether that’s massaging in a facial moisturiser, or working out tension with a mini massage as you cleanse.

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A nourishing meal

So often, we rush through eating a meal, whether it’s snacking at our desk or grabbing something to eat on the go, but sitting down and enjoying a nourishing meal not only does wonders for digestion, it can help you unwind. Take the stress out of deciding what’s for dinner by choosing a recipe from endota Retreat – our Turmeric and Cauliflower Soup is a warming option that’s perfect for winter.

Make time for tea

On that note, the soothing power of a cup of tea is a seriously underrated ritual. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, before bed or in between errands, in just a couple of minutes, you can be enjoying your favourite herbal blend and relaxing into the moment.

Call in the professionals

Whether you’re in need of some skin TLC, want to ease muscle aches or simply enjoy the expertise of a professional, an endota treatment is a beautiful way to give back to yourself, both physically and emotionally. Our Organic Infusion Facial is the ultimate pairing of relaxation and results, with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals infused into your skin, while facial, foot and scalp massages instill a serious sense of bliss.

Movement as therapy

While exercise might not initially scream ‘self-care’, movement is essential to our mental and physical wellbeing, and it can also be a great way to practice mindfulness for those of us who struggle when it comes to being still. We love yoga and pilates as a way to stretch and strengthen the body, and a long walk in nature is the perfect way to calm the mind.

Setting your space for a deep sleep

Quality, restful sleep is important, ensuring you can wake up feeling your best for the day ahead. So it's no surprise that sleep and your wellbeing go hand-in-hand. Ensuring a quality sleep can be helped by ensuring you have good sleep hygiene by creating your own bedtime routine. You can do this by swapping that nightly scroll for reading a chapter of a book, journaling while sipping on a sleep tea, diffusing essential oil or using a lavender-infused sleep mist on bed linen, or listening to a meditation.

Incorporate aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their many mood-boosting benefits. By using a diffuser, reed diffuser, essential oil burner, room spray or candle with 100% essential oils in your space, breathing in the oil's scent can help bring a sense of calm or uplifting energy.

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