creating a self-care ritual for your everything shower

Everything showers have been trending on social media, but what exactly are they? Here’s everything you need to know to elevate your daily shower routine into one of head-to-toe rejuvenation.

what is an everything shower? What does an everything shower mean?

If you’ve been scrolling social media lately, you may have seen the “everything shower” trending. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a shower routine that covers a range of wellness rituals in one go—from cleansing your hair, body and face to exfoliation, shaving, masks, intense treatments and more.

how often is an everything shower?

An everything shower shouldn’t happen every day as it’s rather time-consuming. Depending on how many steps are in your everything shower routine, we suggest once weekly or once a fortnight for this wellness ritual. 

what does an everything shower include?

The best part? It’s completely customisable—it can be as short or as long as you want it to be. You can cater it to how you’re feeling on the day. The goal of an everything shower is to help you feel completely renewed and rejuvenated from head to toe. 
Below is an everything shower routine you could incorporate into your wellness ritual: 

step 1: use a hair mask or hair oil for intense nourishment

Before stepping into the shower, repair and nourish your hair by massaging a few drops of our Organics Rosehip Oil or Vitamin Treatment Oil into your scalp and hair strands. The oils create a natural hair mask, helping to condition and hydrate your hair from the inside out. Leave to sit in your hair while completing step 2.

step 2: dry body brushing

Dry body brushing gently massages and exfoliates your skin while stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage. As you brush your skin, incorporate your favourite positive affirmations to uplift your mood and set a positive tone for your everything shower ritual.

step 3: shampoo and conditioner your hair for a deep cleanse

Give your scalp and hair a thorough cleanse with your favourite shampoo and conditioner. Gently massage the products into your scalp, rinsing out the hair oil and allowing the shampoo and conditioner to do their job. When applying the conditioner, you can leave it on for an extra few minutes to help deliver more moisture and nourishment.

step 4: exfoliate your face to reveal a smoother, softer complexion

Slough off dead, dry skin cells on your face to reveal a smoother, more radiant skin texture. There are a few ways you can go about this:

Physical exfoliants:
These are face scrubs that contain beads to remove dead skin. Physical exfoliants can be a bit more abrasive to the skin but can be especially beneficial if you have a beard or facial hair. 

Recommended products:

Chemical exfoliants: These mainly consist of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or thermal heat technology and work by breaking the bonds between dead skin cells to effectively remove them. They are not abrasive and are a gentler option for sensitive skin. 

Recommended products:

optional: shave for smoother skin

If you shave, coat the area generously with our multipurpose Signature Blend Body & Massage Oil to create a lubricant and enhance slip during shaving. Alternatively, if you’re shaving a beard, our Organics Beard Oil makes facial shaving easy and efficient. 

step 5: body wash to deeply cleanse your body

After exfoliating and/or shaving, lather with your favourite body wash to remove any remaining dead skin and product residue, while giving your body a thorough cleanse. If your body wash contains essential oils, take time massaging the body wash onto your skin so your senses can soak up the uplifting aromas too.

step 6: face wash to purify and cleanse your face

Start with a cleansing balm to break down any impurities, sunscreen, makeup and excess product on your face. Afterwards, follow up with your regular face cleanser to purify, soften and cleanse skin. A fresh, clean complexion is essential for the rest of your facial skincare ritual.

Recommended products for oily, acne-prone or combination skin:

Recommended products for dry or dehydrated skin:

Recommended products for sensitive skin:

step 7: apply body moisturiser or body oil to bring hydration back to your skin

While skin is still damp from the shower, lock in intense moisture and hydration by applying a nourishing body moisturiser or body oil. Our Signature Blend Body & Massage Oil is infused with endota’s Signature Blend essential oil and features an intensely hydrating, certified natural formulation – so your whole body can soak in the experience. 

Meanwhile, for your hands and feet, we recommend applying our Signature Blend Hand Therapy and Avocado & Mint Foot Cream to deliver hydration that instantly prevents dryness and skin cracking.

step 8: use a face mask to deliver extra hydration

If your skin is extra dry or dehydrated, it may benefit from more moisture through facial sheet masks or eye masks.  

Our Power Serum Sheet Mask helps restore your natural radiance in just fifteen minutes. It contains our blend of Hydroviton® 24 and AMC (Advanced Moisture Complex), which gives you 24-hour hydration. Meanwhile, collagen–stimulating peptides and protective antioxidants smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. 

For your eyes, we recommend using our Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks. They use an advanced super complex to soothe, smooth and illuminate the skin around your eyes. It combines hyaluronic acid, caffeine and nurturing plant actives to freshen your whole face – from your beautiful eyes out. Embrace clinical expertise to give your eyes the luminosity they deserve. 

Follow these steps with your usual nightly skincare routine, which may include serums, eye cream, lip balm and moisturiser

how to amplify your everything shower routine

However your everything shower looks to you, there are many ways to enhance the experience. 
We recommend diffusing a few drops of essential oil in the corner of your shower to infuse with the steam. Depending on the essential oil notes, this little trick can help uplift your mood. Or even light a scented candle or use a reed diffuser to create a nurturing wellness space while you do your post-shower skincare routine. 

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